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Series 61, 62, 63 - Hinged doors cabinet

Tack surface



NATURAL CORK   Icône recycblable  Icône écologique


100% natural - ecological choice.

Cork is the outer bark of the subus oak or cork oak tree, which grows principally in Spain and Portugal.

The bark may be periodically harvested without damaging the tree.

In order to produce quality tack surfaces, Delta uses only first quality Portuguese cork.

Self healing is a natural benefit of Portuguese cork which allows the pin hole to close after the pin as been removed.

Natural cork may also be painted to provide a coordinated color scheme.


Surface d'affichage liège naturel




DELUXE CORK   Icône recycblable


An amalgam of :

-       Natural cork

-       Linseed oil resin

-       Rubber composite

-       Color Pigment

This create an extremely smooth washable and durable surface which will provide many years of heavy-duty use.

Ideal for environments where durability and cleanliness are essential.


Surface d'affichage liège deluxe




FABRITACK Icône registered  Icône recycblable


First quality, heavu duty pressure laminated onto a tacking surface substrate.

Provide years of surface use and available in wide variety of color.

Standard : ASTM E-84


Surface d'affichage FABRITACK




VINYCORK Icône registered  Icône recycblable


A heavy duty fabric impregnated with vinyl and then pressure laminated onto a tacking surface substrate. This surface offered in a variety of colours, is dirt resistant and easy to clean.


Surface d'affichage VINYCORK




Colors may vary from those displayed



An other great feature of the series 6x, information display panels can be easily removed.

Realy convinent for big size cabinet and give the opportunity to exchange the type of surface.


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