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Movable board

Series 55




A proprietary non-magnetic surface applied to hardboard.
Suitable for light to medium use.


Applied to treated enamelling steel and then heat cured, this magnetic surface is designed to provide years of intensive use.
Available as either a dry erase or chalk surface.
Before the Vitro name is appied, the chalk surface undergo rigorous testing for:

  • wearability
  • flaking
  • gloss resistance
  • ease of writting
  • resistance to chemicals

Accordingly, the Vitro chalk surface has been certified as conforming to BNQ-6696-100 standards.


A magnetic porcelain on enamel steel surface fired at 1,500 F, is extremely hard and durable surface offers superior performance under almost all conditions.
In the case of extensive dirt or surface shadowing, this surface mey be cleaned with more aggressive chemicals in order to restore it's original gloss and performance.



100% natural - ecological choice.
Cork is the outer bark of the subus oak or cork oak tree, which grows principally in Spain and Portugal.
The bark may be periodically harvested without damaging the tree.
In order to produce quality tacksurfaces, Delta uses only first quality Portuguese cork.
Self healing is a natural benefit of Portuguese cork which allows the pin hole to close after the pin as been removed.

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