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Sliding boards

Series 40V - Vertical slider


Caracteristics for the series 40V

  • A soft vertical translation system
  • High quality rigid aluminium structure with re-enforced corners (non torsion).
  • Invisible counterbalance with a unique heavy-duty spiral balance system and self-lubricating synthetic guides.
  • Fasteners : T-square above and below the frame.
  • Recessed wall installations can be accommodated or overhanging a existing board, in front of a window or a bookcase.
  • Many custom configurations are possible (1,2 ou 3 sliding panels)
  • Options : Map rails (20-R or 10-R), chalk or marker tray (101-S), end caps (231-E)
Serie 40V caractéristics

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Serie 40V VERTICAL SLIDER installationSerie 40V VERTICAL SLIDER installation
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