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Horizontal sliding board

Serie 40H

The horizontal sliding board is ideal in narrow classrooms, it allows to extend your writing surface while offering a real saving of space. It is safely designed with a vinyl sliding rail at the bottom to prevent the accidental detachment of a sliding panel and stabilize the oscillation during use.

It has a rigid aluminum frame without visible fixing and reinforcing corners that allow no torsion. This board can be recessed on the wall and its rear panel is removable.

Features :

  • Horizontal Silent Ball Bearing sliding
  • High-quality rigid frames in aluminum and reinforced corners (no torsion).
  • No apparent fixation : Screws fixed to the frame and concealed under the back panel.
  • Can be recessed into a wall
  • Several configurations possible (on request 1 to 4 rails with more than one panel per rail)
  • Options: Hook Rails (20-R or 10-R), Marker trail (101-S), End Cap (231-E)

Product Delta can design your custom sliding board by contacting customer service directly.



Natural cork 1/4 inches and 1/8 inches for bulletin board.

Natural Cork is 100% ecological and recyclable, made from the bark of the cork oak. It is a durable and self-regenerating display surface. The holes caused by the pushpins close almost infinitely. Its ¼" thickness allows better pushpins retention and greater strength than 1/8" cork.




Duro writing surfaces for schoolboards

This magnetic surface is made with porcelain on enamel steel surface fired at 1,500 F. it is an extremely hard and durable surface that offers superior performance under almost all conditions.
In case of marks or surface shadowing, this surface may be cleaned with more aggressive chemicals in order to restore it's original gloss and performance.





Liège Deluxe Delta

Deluxe Cork is a display surface composed of 100% natural elements and laminated on a jute back. It is a rugged, stable and easy to maintain surface. The dust does not stick and the holes left by the pushpins are naturally closed. Deluxe Cork is available in several colors.




Applied to treated enamelling steel and then heat cured, this magnetic surface is designes to provide years of intensive use. Available as either a dry erase or chalk surface.

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